Donna has a new home!


Thanks to the good folks at

AGS Archives

Donna is available for download again!

Sorry for not being there when you needed us.

Versione Finalemente

Grab from the right version 1.4 which is most probably the Final one.

Eradicated all remaining bugs reported to me, save for one, which I couldn’t invoke and it will remain in-game forever, scaring a 1-in-a-1000 player. His name is “The Bucket Bug.”

Your saved games should work in this version.

Have fun!


The Bucket Bug found and eradicated.

Also, a minor problem regarding saving game in Dream Ladies room.

The Most Final Version is now 1.5

Saved games are still valid.

reader’s bug

There’s been a new bug identified that could be game-stopping in the very rare and not-very-probable instance when the player doesn’t “look” at the driver’s license before visiting dr Mulkin.

The updated version (1.3) will be up in several hours.

Saved games will work.


EDIT: Version 1.3 awaits you to the right.

Attention, bugs.

I’ve received two bugs reports and identified the causes, but it will take some time for the updated version to be online.

IF you encounter such problems:

1 — cursor greys out and although you can move it, game doesn’t continue after using a skill

2 — game crashes when you exit your motel room at dawn

3 — you’ve used a code for hearing impaired and get locked at one location without a crucial item

please wait for the new version, uploaded soon.

Your saved games will work in this new version.