the crew


Donna: Avenger of Blood was made mainly by one person, Blaze Dzikowski.

His real name is Błażej Dzikowski, but he doesn’t want to tire you with proper pronunciation.

He is a pleasant young man and also a writer and screenwriter.


Other people who helped him make this game is a fantastic and beautiful artist and photographer Dominika Dzikowska, who understood him and always believed in him and made him GUIs and MoCap!

Dominika Dzikowska – photography

And Christian Blomqvist, a fascinating individual, whose precious and wise comments kept up Dzikowski’s spirits and made Donna quite a better game!

And Chris Jones, who had nothing to do with the game, but only made it possible by giving AGS (Adventure Game Studio), a game engine, to the hungry orphans of the past age of computer gaming!

You can contact Blaze at:


But please don’t ask him for hints. For hints we ask here: