Donna is ready for vengeance.

Donna: Avenger of Blood is finished and ready for download.

Check the downloads section on the right.



The Days of Test

Two ingenious gentlemen are now playing Donna: Avenger of Blood, eliminating all of my idiotic errors, omissions and clumsinesses. They are both industry veterans, so I’m confident about the soundness of their response. I’d try to send out D:AB to you people before the 2011 ends to make it a nice decade, but no promises.

Test it Tesla!

After compiling over 200 sounds and composing & recording over 1 hour of music, I can say that I’ve made it. 🙂

Right now I’m running the first test-play, after that — the game’s off for beta tests.

4Q 2011 looks most possible as the release date, then. And it’s fitting, too — the first rooms for Donna were made in 2001. A decade, people!

What are you to me, game?

8 years in development!

Parts of Donna are made in DOS-based editor!

Plenty of things happened along the way, the game was in a 1 year hiatus once or twice, I’ve published new books, I’ve changed jobs, I’ve married… and I’ve changed!

But I’m still making it. Why? Even if I hated it, the amount of time, work and inspiration that was poured into the game makes it impossible for me not to finish it. When I do, I’ll put it online, people will play it, maybe 10 or 20 people will tell that they like it, and that would be it.


I’ll be free then.


Set me free, evil woman!