DONNA: AVENGER OF BLOOD (PC but works under WINE too, 212 mb)

Big thanks to the AGS Archive for hosting!


version 1.5 (Even More Final)

– bucket bug is no more

– saving game in Dream Ladies room is safe now

No bug reports left. Probably the last update.

version 1.4 (Final)

eradicated bugs: dangerous save by Grubol A., occasional ability to walk where you should not, “blink and miss one thing, papa”, looking for attractive girls too early, someone disappearing from somewhere for a moment when you exit a park

version 1.3

fixed the bug where for some time after visiting dr Mulkin you can’t get item closeups (“no time to do it”)

version 1.2

fixed: “grey cursor and game unresponsive” bug, “could enter somewhere without gate being open”, other minor glitches