about the game

A nameless country, somewhere in Eastern Europe, is deep in financial depression. The sentiments arousing among people allow nationalist and extreme-right-wing politicians to come into power.

To the metropolis capital of the country come two foreigners: Christian and Donna.

They both keep to themselves and are seen only at night.

Their stay at the Eldorado Hotel is interrupted one night by mysterious visitors who break into their room and shoot Christian. Some bullets hit Donna, who falls to the street below and finds herself naked in the middle of the hostile, unkown city; what’s more, the dawn is coming and let’s say that her skin isn’t prepared for meeting the sunrays.

The player controls Donna, who, after securing her life, goes on a quest of vengeance to find killers of Christian, meets mad inhabitants of the city, gets into a love affair, and discovers the true reason behind Christian coming to this country.